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Sheehan's Consulting LLC

Association Management

Sheehan's Consulting provides exceptional service and professional staff support to non-profit professional and trade associations. By using Sheehan's Consulting, an association is able to provide all aspects of running an association without the associated overhead costs of paying for office space and a staff. Funds previously spent on office space, payroll taxes, benefits, furniture, equipment, and everything else can be directed to member recruitment, program development, and organizational enhancements.

An annual contract can relieve some of the burdens of busy volunteers by providing some or all of the following services:
  • accounting, including bill-paying and invoicing
  • planning, promoting and staging conferences, training sessions and other events
  • applying for continuing education credits and providing certificates for training event attendees
  • maintaining the association’s ever-changing database
  • developing and managing websites
  • writing, designing and distributing your newsletter and other communications
  • member recruitment and retention
  • strategic and long-range planning
  • board and committee facilitation
  • any other tasks that board and committee members feel are necessary

Grant Sheehan CEO CCUE