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Hurricane Recovery Team (HRT)

After such a devastating  impact on the city by hurricane Andrew, it was realized that the city government could not function normally and also handle the recover process, so an independent team was made up of experts from all the departments to aid in the recovery.  

As a member of the team it was my responsibility; 

  • Oversee the cities insurance company and their evaluation of losses. 
  • Oversee and negotiate with FEMA the Damage Survey reports (DSR's) and maximize our return 
  • Negotiate any mitigation funds available.
  • To negotiate settlement and commingling of city and FEMA funds to facilitate the repairs without placing the city in a financial hardship.

The disaster recovery process is often referred to as the "Disaster after the Disaster," and for good reason. As emergency management focuses on the response phase they provide little or no training for the recovery and rebuilding phases, especially for those persons (generally administrative and financial personnel) who will be involved in the process for years to come. Not surprisingly, this training is seldom available and once a disaster occurs, the opportunity to implement measures that can make the process easier and provide a higher level of cost reimbursement is lost. Our Advisors address these issues and provide the training necessary to implement effective policies and procedures that will minimize the headaches and lead to maximum cost recovery.

Grant Sheehan CEO CCUE