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Sheehan's Consulting LLC

Personal Confidant / Secret CEO  

  • Need something done and just can't seem to find the time?         
  • Wish you had a double?      
  • Reducing staff but the work just won't go away?      
  • Need that Power Point presentation for the board but just can't get to it?

We have all been there!  My background as a CEO and Board Chairman allows me to prepare these reports/ presentations for you as if they were yours, and in total confidence. As a Personal Confidant / Secret CEO Grant Sheehan will help you solve these problems, reach goals, design a plan of action, make decisions and prepare board Power Point presentations in complete confidence.  These can either be accomplished at your credit union or remotely over the Internet.

You can receive professional consultation in any financial service or operational key areas on an individual project basis or through a retainer, again in total confidence.

Grant Sheehan CEO CCUE

Annual Retainer

Receive critical information throughout the entire year as needed for a single retainer fee on your key strategic topics.