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Sheehan's Consulting LLC


Planning For The Future

Strategic planning sessions will be planned and facilitated by President & CEO Grant Sheehan. His 30 plus years as a top credit union CEO performer will help optimize your operations and growth while reducing your inefficiencies. Our goal is to secure a successful financial future for your credit union and the highest service quality for your members.

Mr. Sheehan's success includes results that catapulted his credit unions to the 95th + percentiles in all key components including:

  • Total Return to the members 
  • Return to Borrowers
  • Return to Savers
  • Member Service Usage

Strategic Planning Sessions include;

  • Creating an environment which will involve the Board, Management Team and Staff in the planning process 
  • Assisting the Board, Management Team and Staff in identifying the Credit Union’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and/or threats
  • Indebt Peer to Peer* review as well as Return to Member (ROM*) relationship
  • Discussing ways to enhance these strengths, take advantage of the opportunities, and mitigate any potential weaknesses and threats.
  • Clearly defining the organization's short and long-range strategic plans and translate them into an action plans with performance measures at all levels by; 
  • Reviewing potential product and service enhancements
  • Discussing pros and cons of field of membership growth/expansion
  • Identifying potential candidates to acquire through merger or charter expansion
  • Review long term financial projections and net worth projections

Grant Sheehan CEO CCUE